Climate change… who pays the bill?

BeH20 partnering with Biodx to promote a better future

For Lerlynn Latief of sales, media & marketing company BeH2O, partnering with Biodx was a ‘no brainer’… “I had not only been looking for a product that was non corrosive and non-toxic but also a company that felt as we do – that it’s pointless taking care of people without taking care of the environment.

“For many years I’d also been looking for a way of helping the coloured community, particularly when Covid struck. When I came across the amazing b bioactive™ based products I thought it was too good to be true. Now I could not only protect these communities safely but also give people a way to start small businesses by selling these products.

“Covid gave me the opportunity to rethink, reprioritise and re-evaluate on many levels both as a consumer and a South African and I could see that those people who were battling economically before Covid were now in much worse situations. For many people Covid meant not being able to travel; for others it was not being able to put bread on the table.

“At the start of Covid the disinfection and sanitising products I was using had a really bad effect on my skin, even giving me eczema for the first time in my life. And then I found Biodx and the b bioactive™ based products and my first thought was to make these products easily available to the market.

“With these products people will not only be able to keep themselves safe but know they’re not doing harm to the planet. This is not a product you have to spin to make it sellable. I’d been looking for a product such as this for a long time – one I could really believe in and then Covid hit. As a marketer it’s vital to believe in what you’re marketing. Biodx by its very essence sells itself. We’re very excited about the future of this product and particularly that we’re getting in on the ground floor. For us the sky’s the limit here.”

BeH2O currently retails the microdx fogger, with b bioactive™ through the Medical Practice Consulting’s (MPC’s) online healthcare platform here. More products to follow

For any enquiries, please contact Lerlynn directly:

+27 (0)61 808 0638