our directors

Dedicated to making a deliberate, worthwhile contribution to society, our directors bring a world of diverse yet highly relevant experience to the company.


michael piper

Michael Piper brings a wealth of business experience to Biodx. After studying accounting, Michael went on to manage various plumbing companies, before buying Jack Hobson in 1985. He subsequently sold the company and went on to become Chairman of the PlumbwarePWV Group.

Driven by his natural entrepreneurial spirit, Michael then started Independent Plumbing Suppliers in 1998, which is today one of the country’s top five independent plumbing suppliers. As a non-executive director and investment partner at Biodx, Michael helps work towards a more environmentally sustainable future.

dr. anita burger

A biotechnologist by training, Dr. Anita Burger also has extensive technical and management experience in the technology innovation and commercialisation of biotechnology-related products and processes.

She holds a PhD in Biotechnology from the University of Stellenbosch, and currently serves as the Research and Innovation Manager at the Institute of Microbial Biotechnology and Metagenomics (IMBM) at the University of Western Cape. Anita is passionate about providing technical and business support to entrepreneurs to fully develop and successfully commercialise innovative South African technologies.


humberto rodrigues

Humberto started off in the chemicals industry at AECI as a lab technician. He then became works chemist for Manro Hickson Organics, manufacturing biocides & detergents. For over two decades he gained considerable experience in the field while simultaneously furthering his production and business knowledge at the Universities of Stellenbosch and Witwatersrand.

Passionate about reducing society’s dependence on synthetic chemicals, Humberto developed a keen interest in biotechnology and started Biodx in 2002. Since then he has overseen the company’s research and product development to deliver solutions that enable a better world.


jannie van aswegen

After studying agriculture at the University of Pretoria, Jannie van Aswegen went on to work in the fertiliser field before trying his hand at farming. He then went on to work at Novo Industries as a Technical Manager while also studying biochemistry, a subject for which he had a keen interest.

In 1987 Jannie started Enzymes SA, which he then sold to Novozymes in 2006 while remaining on as a Technical Executive. Since retiring from Novozymes, he has spent the last five years consulting for the food industry and helping Biodx create effective products that help rather than harm the earth.

buhle hanise

After qualifying as a Chartered Accountant, Buhle Hanise went on to work at major South African banks before joining the IDC (Industrial Development Corporation) where she is currently the Team Leader of the Business Rescue team.

She holds numerous qualifications in business, finance, insolvency law and practice, emerging markets and country risk analysis from prestigious local and international universities, and uses her astute risk assessment and analytical abilities to bring immense value to the IDC and the organisations she serves on, including the African Women Chartered Accountants, the 30% Club Southern Africa and of course Biodx.

our partnerships

At Biodx we work with a select group of partners to ensure growth, integrity and adherence to the highest standards. Each one of our partners is dedicated in their own way to relentlessly enable a better world.