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Our new rebrand encapsulates our purpose to enable a better world.

For the last 12 years, we’ve been on a journey. A journey to make a worthwhile, deliberate contribution to the world by reducing society’s synthetic chemical dependency with a sustainable alternative.

It’s been a tough journey – we’ve fought against greed, corruption and greenwashing, we’ve worked hard to invest in world-class research, development and biotechnology and we’ve evolved the future of chemistry.

We now have a range of powerful, safe, cost effective disinfectants and preservative solutions that work with nature, not against it.

And we now stand ready to introduce our purpose and our products to the world.

This new step in our journey to relentlessly enable a better world needed a new impetus, a new call to arms.

It was a need to tell all our stakeholders who we are, what we believe in and why we’re relevant in the world today.

And so our new brand story and identity was born.

Our logo brings to life our ethos: to solve problems and find answers that ultimately enable a better world. And that’s why our logo is made up of different shapes, shapes that talk to math equations and formulas, scientific symbols and the detail of biological cells under the microscope.

These shapes come together in the Biodx logo as we continue to gather information, discover new patterns, connect more dots and realise better solutions.

Clearly articulating our purpose, our rebrand enables us to confidently go to market, engage with our consumers and build sales and business growth.

So we can help business to ensure a better outcome for the earth and her people.