No freedom without water
Do you know the difference between a sanitiser and a disinfectant?

The significance of Mother Earth Day

Big business – silently breaking the law

Today is Mother Earth Day, three words that should need no explanation. Mother Earth constantly gives but over the decades receives less and less return in terms of how the planet cares for her.

In South Africa, where fresh water is scarce there has been much talk over the years of how various governmental and non-governmental organisations would step in and make a difference, but sadly the only difference is each year fresh, clean water is decreasing in quality, impacting on this basic human right. According to Randwater, this is due to a consistent increase in water pollution, through amongst other things industry and mining, that sees countless tons of highly corrosive, toxic and even radioactive water being pushed out into our water supplies daily.


Ignoring the rules

Despite the fact there are strict environmental regulations in place, without enough gatekeepers to watch over these environmental pirates nothing is likely to change. Even when mines and industries boast of holding water permits, this is no guarantee they’re compliant to the rules. After all if they can get away with it…

According to Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx, “We keep repeating history’s mistakes when it comes to the environment, seeing a steady decline year on year. The issue we face in 2021 around water is although we have advanced technology to clean this processed water; most industries would rather dump their dirty water into the systems and simply buy clean water, rather than use the science that exists to clean it cheaper rather than you get it from the municipality. How can green technology not make financial sense?”


What drives Biodx to enable a better world?

“From the beginning our aim was to produce a benign biocide disinfectant product that will do its work and then disappear leaving no trace of damage to the environment. Biodx fully understands the meaning of being responsible. I don’t believe many of these managers and CEOs are even conscious of their irresponsible behaviour. They actually think they’re clever getting away with this dumping. But here’s the issue – when a member of your family dies through cancer caused by this impact on their environment, you haven’t got away with it.”