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How effective is your cleaning company, and the products they use?

Managing your cleaning company

Your staff have come back, albeit warily but with confidence in the fact you’ve assured them you’re having your premises thoroughly cleaned with guaranteed disinfection products. And you probably believe this. But should you be so confident?

In the last seven months competition in the field of cleaning and disinfection has been at an all-time high amongst cleaning companies and you’d be hard pressed to find one company that won’t advertise that they meet all requirements. But the question remains do they genuinely comply? Are those NRCS and SABS or SAHPRA labels on their products genuine or simply great fakes? In fact are they present at all?

Faking it

The bottom line, according to Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx is that it costs money to produce a product that meets these requirements and generally in the production phase the first thing to go by way of saving money, will be on the chemical bill. “They probably have good intentions of selling a registered product but due to skimping and fighting for the scraps, they lower their price and the customer who’s paid for a first rate product gets a second rate disinfectant!”

Demand proof of certification

It’s up to the procurement officers to ask their cleaning companies for a current registration for the NRCS and SABS that demonstrates efficacy against both viruses and bacteria. No certification – no order should be the norm. Until then people in companies, patients in clinics, children in schools and students in universities are all vulnerable and in turn so is the rest of the country.”