Biodx Approach to Infection Control Regarding Novel Coronaviruses (2019-nCOV)
Food – not so glorious food

31 March 2020

Preparing now to flatten the curve

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Whilst many individuals, companies and manufacturers initially stocked up on disinfectants and sanitisers at the start of this worldwide pandemic, did they foresee just how long these stocks would last? We’re already seeing many countries stopping exports of raw materials and ingredients needed to manufacture these vital products, of particular importance for our workforce at the front of the Coronavirus – health workers, contract cleaners, supermarket employees, police, army, food manufacturers and so many others who need constant protection.

Recently commercialised, Biodx, a proudly South African company, with technical support from the CSIR as well as financial support from TIA and the IDC have spent the last 15 years relentlessly researching and developing cutting edge antimicrobial and antiviral technologies. Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx says “We realised 15 years ago that conventional chemicals were falling short of controlling modern pathogenic outbreaks, eg listeriosis, and decided to embark on a search for natural, sustainable raw materials that are new to the many pathogens encountered today”

An active ingredient in Biodx disinfectant formulations has demonstrated “virucidal activity against enveloped viruses”, which encompasses Coronavirus as stipulated by the EN14476:2013 +A2 2019, and has been produced to meet strict European and South African regulatory compliance.

Most importantly Biodx has substantial stock, fully produced in South Africa, to carry on manufacturing however long this pandemic lasts – keeping South Africa disinfected and safe.



About Biodx

Biodx is on a journey to reduce society’s dependence on synthetic chemicals. Harnessing the power of biotechnology, we’re breaking boundaries, crossing new frontiers, and helping to evolve the future of disinfection. All towards enabling a better world.

With technical support from the CSIR (Council for Scientific and Industrial Research) as well as financial support from TIA (Technology Innovation Agency) and IDC (Industrial Development Corporation), we’ve spent the last 15 years researching and developing cutting edge antimicrobial and antiviral technologies.

Using a natural citrus extract stabilised with an organic biodegradable compound, which contains no chlorine, ethanol or aldehydes. Non-corrosive and earth-friendly, the formulation, called DECONT-X™, rapidly kills 99.9% of many bacteria species and viruses.

Substantiated by NRCS and SABS SANS (636, 1853, 1828) certified, DECONT-X™ is formulated into microdx™, vitrodx®, agridx® and indusdx®, which offer revolutionary solutions for the medical and pharmaceutical industry, the food and beverage industry, the agricultural industry and the manufacturing industry respectively.

Biodx applied for EU BPR registration and subsequently had products submitted for testing and verification to stringent EU NEN standards in the Netherlands. Biodx conforms to the above standards.