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meanwhile hundreds of thousands of contaminated eggs have found their way onto European and Scandinavian markets…

By now you’ll have read the horrific story of the eggs contaminated by the use of a powerful insecticide Fipronil, meant for getting rid of fleas, ticks and lice in animals.  It’s strongly stipulated this is strictly banned for animals destined for human consumption.  Fipronil’s fact sheet states that should their product be ingested you should contact poison control and see a doctor immediately! How then did this hazardous chemical find its way onto so many supermarket shelves in the form of one of the world’s most common food staples – eggs?

different rules, for different people

“Right now Biodx is at the point of waiting for our submission on to a European dossier to be accepted. For us this has meant jumping through numerous hoops.  The major companies owning these dossiers use them as a form of control to keep their market firmly ring fenced -but somehow a company supplying Fipronil to the chicken egg industry got permission to use the dossier.  How could this happen?  Where is the responsibility? asks Humberto Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx.

“After many years of scrupulous research and development we’re ready to launch our range of powerful, yet safe disinfectants and preservative solutions, which don’t rely on synthetic, harmful chemicals such as this.  But for us gaining access to these dossiers is a long hard road, which is understandable on one level – but not when you see cases like this, which shows the same standards don’t apply to everyone.

“You have to wonder – what other products are out there that have slipped through the same nets?  But whatever they ask us to do we’ll do it in order to reach our goal of relentlessly enabling a better world – the Biodx way.”