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Q&A with Fred Robichon – Food & Beverage Industry Expert Advisor at Biodx

When you look at Frederic Robichon’s CV you quickly realise this is not just another chef. Born and raised in France, the world’s culinary epicentre, Frederic’s experience extends far past Europe’s borders. Whether working in the very top end of hospitality as executive chef or private chef for Saudi Arabia’s elite, his passion lies not just in the food he prepares but in every step of the food ingredient journey with the emphasis on creating and maintaining sustainability for society, communities and most importantly the environment.

What is your position and role at Biodx?

My position is Food and Beverage Industry Expert Advisor. My role emerges from my professional experience within the food industry from agriculture to abattoirs, five star hotels, mining industry and military sites. Over the years I’ve come to realise the negative impact the food industry has on the environment in areas such as packaging, supply chain, production, shipping and chemical usage which are largely unsustainable.

My role is to bring rapport with our ‘guests’ in the food hospitality industry. I say a guest rather than a client or customer as the personalised guest experience should be at the core of every business.

Looking back on your career to where you are now what has been the biggest shift in your thinking?

The words ‘green washing’ have been around quite a while and I want people to know that Biodx disinfectant isn’t just another ‘green’ product. Previous generations of disinfectants have largely relied on synthetic chemical solutions and Biodx with its modified 4th Generation QAC (Quaternary Ammonium Compounds) is a step closer to a real responsible future. Now knowing how toxic conventional chemicals are to the environment and user, I’m excited to be part of this change.

What drives you to bring Biodx to the world?

The European market, where Biodx is headed shortly is so much more sustainability conscious than other parts of the world and I’m looking forward to introducing this product to large industrial players – marketing a product that’s not only sustainable but super competitive in terms of effectiveness and price.

What do you think you’ll do differently post Covid-19?

Towards the end of 2019, I felt I’d ‘been there and done that’ and needed to stretch myself beyond what I’ve been doing in the food industry. It was also around that time we saw Covid-19 emerging in China. After talking with Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx, who I knew at the outset of his research and development with Biodx, my path became clear. I needed to address all the different channels of sustainability at all levels of the food chain. Covid-19 has been the catalyst for a new world order to take place. This is an awakening for people to realise it cannot be business as usual.’

How important is the Biodx ethos to your everyday life?

Seeing Burt Rodrigues’ dedication, especially with the challenges of being a start-up, to bring something so important to the planet by striving to find a natural compound for disinfection, is a pure example of someone who walks the talk to make a real change. Using my experience if I can add value to the same vision then I say ‘let’s do it’.

What does it mean to be part of the Biodx team?

The consciousness and conscientiousness within this team, with their wide, strong professional experience, creative minds and entrepreneurial mindset really resonates with me. There’s a difference between a company like this and a corporate in terms of where its values lie.

When did you last go ‘yessssssssss’ and why?

When I saw Burt Rodrigues recently on eNCA prime time, advising viewers and giving recommendations at a national level – that was a wow moment for me. I know this is the beginning of a journey beyond life’s dreams and imagination.