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Research and Development for a better tomorrow

Whilst headlines globally are sounding more and more like the Doomsday Reckoning, with dire warnings of worse to come and graphic images depicting the suffering from droughts to floods, earthquakes to rampant wildfires, questions are being asked of what should webe doing?

It’s not just government who need to play a role or just corporates, industry or the end user – but the whole world needs a new way of thinking and doing.

This has been Biodx’s quest since their arrival on the biotech scene 16 years ago with its slogan of ‘relentlessly enabling a better world’. With their DECONT-A ™ and b bioactive™ having entered the commercial field in 2018, 90% of the company’s focus has gone into bringing this technology to market. But the good news is that the remaining 10% is still firmly focused on research and development.


Current research programmes

According to Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx, “We’re currently researching two new programmes, with the emphasis being on producing a 100% natural biocide, strictly focused on life sciences. Our search to find natural anti-microbial compounds is ongoing. It has to come out of the field of life sciences and not the natural sciences, using no synthetic compounds at all. Currently although our products are 99.998% natural they are a blend of natural science and life science, which isn’t optimum.

“Our previous research has taken us a long way down the road into using natural biocides, but now we’re working on researching a second surfactant (a substance which tends to reduce the surface tension of a liquid in which it is dissolved) strictly through life sciences.

“Research and Development is what builds the future and is one of the reasons people get up in the morning. Whilst we’re seeing massive global changes no-one really understands exactly what’s going on. Archaeologists and other academics have presented some evidence of what might have happened in the Bronze or Ice Ages, bringing those civilisations to an end, but we still know little and without evidence how do we know what caused this? Is history simply repeating itself? History has a way of disappearing sometimes, without leaving any guidelines on how to do things better. Did pollution cause any of these early disasters? We don’t know – but we can contribute to changing our world. To make our world a healthier, improved version for all living things.”

One thing is for sure, Biodx is not resting on its laurels – it’s firmly seeking out how to bring a better, safer and more natural world to everyone.