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Protecting Team Qhubeka NextHash at the 2021 Vuelta a Espana

Joining Team Qhubeka NextHash at the start of their 2021 Tour de France, Biodx is supplying the team with disinfectants for hands, surfaces and spaces based on Biodx’ b bioactive™ technology. This has seen the team make it through unscathed by Coronavirus or any other critical illness and ready to start the final grand tour of the cycling season, La Vuelta a Espana.

See Vuelta team announcement: Team Qhubeka NextHash set for Vuelta a Espana

Beginning on Saturday 14th August the team leaves from Padron, covering 3,400 kms before finishing in Santiago di Compostela on Sunday 5th September.

Fabio Aru

Sergio Henao

Reinardt Janse van Rensburg

Dimitri Claeys

Once again with their b bioactive™ based disinfectants firmly by their side, on and off the road, they can feel confident getting close to their fans, the media, staying in hotels and in transit along the route.

Dylan Sunderland

Bert-Jan Lindeman

Sander Armee

Connor Brown

To Fabio Aru, Sergio Henao, Reinardt Janse van Rensburg, Dimitri Claeys, Dylan Sunderland, Bert-Jan Lindeman, Sander Armee and Connor Brown, we’re behind you all the way!