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biodx eco-friendly disinfectants cleaning Capricorn Local Municipality’s schools

When asked to be part of Capricorn District Municipality’s Health Services Cleanest School Competition Project, Biodx didn’t hesitate in making a decision – a firm yes. Standing by their motto of working with nature not against it, Biodx’s range of powerful, safe, cost effective eco-friendly disinfectants and preservative solutions has the answer to the often compromised health and safety of Capricorn District Municipality’s schools.

According to Municipal Manager, Nokuthula Mazibuko, health and safety conditions often contribute to disasters within the district’s schools.  The idea behind the competition is to create awareness in schools around:

  1. School environment
  2. Greening
  3. Waste
  4. Sanitation
  5. Environmental projects
  6. Water conservation/management

This, feels Mazibuko, will go a long way towards encouraging schools to embrace preventing, correcting and promoting a clean and healthy, risk free environment.

Not only will Biodx be contributing their Decont-A® disinfectant sewage treatment over a six month period to the winning school, they will also be providing onsite training in the usage of our eco-friendly disinfectants.

“We look forward to the implementation of the cleaning programme as committed to by Biodx and the workshops which will be coordinated in all the other schools as part of our partnerships,” concluded Mazibuko.

According to Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx, “Biodx is very excited to make a difference to the school’s physical properties and hopefully this will impact positively on the children’s awareness of the importance of a clean environment.”