BioDX Pilot Plant P1 up and running
pilot plant 1 (P1) up and running
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BioDX EU registration for natural disinfectants

one step closer to EU registration

Thirteen years and many millions of Rands and manpower hours is finally showing results in the long awaited registration of Biodx products in the EU.

The final hurdle being to obtain Ctgb (The Board for the Authorisation of Plant Protection Products and Biocides) approval. This comes after a lengthy process of gaining access through Basle, Switzerland based Lonza, (Pharma, Biotech & Speciality Ingredients business) to a dossier, which then opened the door to TNO (Netherlands organisation for applied Scientific Research) and subsequently Ctgb.

Having Ctgb registration is the gold standard not only in Europe but also in the United States. Their focus is around whether plant protection products and biocides are safe for humans, animals and the environment before they are sold.  In other words everything that Biodx stands for. So watch this space and by early 2019 we will proudly be displaying our Ctgb registration!