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Q&A with Richard Aartsen – Business Development Consultant for the EU

Based in Eindhoven, in The Netherlands, Richard Aartsen brings his years of working in the field of contract research with TNO (The Netherlands Organisation for applied scientific research) to Biodx to assist with their pending entry into the European market.

What is your position and role at Biodx?

My role as a consultant to Biodx is to primarily help develop their business in the European Union as well as help guide them through the minefield that is the regulatory process for registration both in the Netherlands and the wider European Union. With Biodx’s authorisation for European registration due at the end of August, I will be helping their initial entry into fields such as hospitals, disinfectant formulators and the food industry. From there we will slowly start to expand into other European Union markets. This will mean complying not only with European regulations but with each country’s local regulations.

Looking back on your career to where you are now what has been the biggest shift in your thinking?

I’ve found that key areas going forward for me are around developing trust with clients as well as leadership skills. It’s not just about finding clients who need the product – it’s more about knowing what a customer wants and needs and being able to match these needs. Things are different in Europe to South Africa in terms of clients’ needs. For instance when it comes to surface disinfectants, European companies use wipes rather than spraying, so this means making sure Biodx develops wipes ahead of our entry into Europe rather than wait for the orders to come in. I now strive to meet the needs of the customer above all else.

What drives you to bring Biodx to the world?

What I like most is creating and building something new. Biodx is a very small but exciting and innovative company that’s growing. It’s like working with a small child in the process of growing to an amazing adult.

What do you think you’ll do differently post Covid-19?

My awareness around safety has changed, to becoming far more mindful of risks. Another area I’m far more conscious of now is hygiene, particularly after working with disinfectants and becoming aware of potential contaminants.

What does it mean to be part of the Biodx team?

As a fairly new member I’m really happy to feel accepted and to be part of this very relevant enterprise.

When did you last go ‘yesssss’ and why?

After working for a year on a large tender in Europe, finally getting the contract for 10 million Euros. Looking back – when I was younger I was a champion athlete representing my country and I liked to win. Today I know it’s not just about winning but being part of a winning team!