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The Future of the Chemical Industry in the New Digital Age

Biodx CEO Panellist At Chemical Industry Conference

Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx a panellist at ‘The Future of the Chemical Industry in the New Digital Age’ for Regenesys Business School

Whilst the digital age seeps into every facet of trade, industry and business today, can it really affect the world of chemistry? This is a question that will be posed on Thursday 15th August to the expert panel of chemical industry leaders who will be assembled for the Regenesys Business School’s ‘Future of the Chemical Industry in the New Digital Age’ Conference.

Although many of the teachings of chemical engineering may remain the same as when Burt Rodrigues, CEO of Biodx, attended Wits Technikon in the late eighties, there’s no denying that the digital age will play a role in the future of this field.

According to Rodrigues, “We can analyse and identify better today in the world of digital transformation with more advanced equipment but the fundamental laws of chemistry haven’t changed. Chemistry has its own world of bonds and chemical reactions that we can reasonably define. However we don’t understand how the digital fingerprint can be set into the chemistry to have an alternative effect and how this effect would improve chemical intelligence.”

“How do we technically or scientifically implement a digital code which traditionally is a binary code to infuse with the chemistry?” Answers to this is what Thursday’s student audience may be hoping to solve.

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