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Food & Beverage Industry Guest Series: Food safety and hygiene control measures for the supply chain industry post Covid-19

Guest Series: Food & Beverage Industry & Sustainability Post Covid-19

Introducing our new Food & Beverage Industry expert guest series, presented by Biodx Food & Beverage expert advisor, Fred Robichon

There’s possibly never been a more important time to look at the food and beverage supply chain industry than now, when like much of the world’s economy they’re in severe crisis.

In this series of articles Biodx’s Food and Beverage Expert Advisor, Frederic Robichon speaks to some of the world’s leading experts in the field to bring us their perspective on the topic.

“I think it’s very important to listen to the industry leaders in this field so they can explain how certain aspects of Covid-19 are limiting and challenging them and hear how they’re finding alternative ways of working”, explains Robichon.  “We’ll be looking at how an industry that already had so many controls in place, is going to overcome and implement new protocols to further mitigate the risks.”

The first in this series is an interview with Jerome Goulet, Export Regional Manager for GEPROCOR, based in Monaco, who shares his valuable insights towards this important discussion.